Since 1984

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I introduced the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren into WA in 1981 with Bonbara T Melodie.

In 1982 I imported Lanzerotte of Questenberg (Imp UK) from the famous Questenberg Kennels.

I then imported Questenberg Orient Express to mate to Lanzerotte and these two dogs were the foundation of my breeding programme.

In 1991 I imported Timberhall Mighty Mazda who also contributed to my breeding programme.

I have been actively working with my Belgians ever since ,although I have taken a break from actually breeding have always taken an interest in the breed and their amazing abilities.

I am involved in Tracking at the present with my current dogs who have achieved their Tracking Championship titles; Dual Ch (T) Erlander Ukanna Everad UD ET and Dual Ch. (T) Erlander Ginetta CDX. Plus homebred Champion Bonquest Bac To The Future who is currently working on her Tracking Dog title.

I cannot imagine my life without Belgians, once owned never to be without.

Ch Erlander Ginetta CD (Ginny)
Dual Ch (T) Erlander Ukanna Everard UD ET (Caesar)